What is

WHOLEGARMENT knitwear is produced three-dimensionally in one entire piece.
This is all about SHIMA SEIKI honorable patent technology developed in-house to the world.

What WHOLEGARMENT Means to You?

  • No physical constraints of bulky and beautiful silhouette
  • Soft and light, with superb comfort and fit
  • Superior stretch characteristic means unrestricted body movement
  • Design fulfilled by the knit drape function as it should be

What is WHOLEGARMENT good for?

Benefits for the customer
  • Without seams, it is ability to stretch freely for body movement and makes use of the original knit stretch characteristic to make it confortable.
  • Effective in the case of infant and hypoallergenic clothing, where seams can be a source of skin irritation.
  • Drape and flow more naturally.
  • Distributing the pressure of tension entirely, it alleviates a partial feeling of pressure causing shoulder stiffness.
  • Without unsightly seams, the softness and lightness are attractive.
Benefits for the producers
  • Production time is shorten in the interest of saving time for cutting and sewing.
  • Only minimal yarns can be used and save on resources.
  • Reduction of cut loss and material waste after cutting each part of garments.
  • Takes full advantage of the yarn features while seams interrupt cutting dyed pattern.
  • Produces only as many pieces as needed, when needed, and order-made is possible.
  • 3D shaping allows the design and silhouette of the garment to be reproduced exactly as intended by the designer.
  • Use of the latest Computerized Flat Knitting Machine and Design System makes it easy to program and knit.

Customers’ comments

We are taking our customers’ comments below about WHOLEGARMENT.

I am satisfied with the fitness and the softness. I naturally have sensitive skin with much attention to the seam, but there is no such a problem.
I am impressed with the smoothness entirely and the mobility. Knitting stitch is beautiful, and it has good texture and premium accents as well.
There is no seam and it is very dapper design. Also the silhouette is beautiful and easy to wear.
It just light and I feel like to defy my common sense of the knit feeling.
Because I think that the end result is very simple, I expect to see WHOLEGARMENT put on the market.
I am impressed with the seamless when trying it for myself taking the item in my hands. I think that it is one of the few products which are extremely confident with in the field of clothes.

You could say that it is a must for your living after you just try once. Such many repeat customers are our company’s greatest strength, and our brand integrity.

We do hope that you will be able to experience this whole new feel.